4 Reasons You Really Want Acoustic Panels with LED Lights for your Walls

Let's face it. Traditional acoustic treatment is ugly and boring. It's looked the same for years, with only minor adjustments in style and look. You know what we're talking about - big rectangles hanging off the wall. Maybe in different colors, but always just big rectangles. Can you think of anything more boring than that?

While their sound absorbing properties are unchallenged, acoustic panels and acoustic lighting have rarely been a major decorative element in a studio, interior space or office space - it's always something that has to be worked around. But as products progress, acoustics are evolving as well. Here are 4 reasons why you really want sound absorption panels with LED Lights for your walls.



You are probably underestimating the impact aesthetic has on your content creation. When is the last time you were deliberate about the space you are creating in? There is a reason authors, vloggers and music producers are meticulous about their creation spaces - they know that aesthetic has a major impact on output.

Simply put, aesthetic makes you happy and comfortable, and at the core of creating is your mood. It's important to have an aesthetic that vibes with you, but most people don't take the time to really think about what their aesthetic is or what it should be.

Fortunatley, chotchkys and products like LED-lighted sound absorption panels can really help set that vibe, which will get you into the creating mood much faster.


Get Inspired Faster

When you're creating, inspiration plays a huge role in your output. The quicker you can get inspired, the faster you can begin to create content that is above average for your abilities.

LED lighting coupled with acoustics can absolutely help you achieve inspiration faster by setting a mood and ensuring that the sound in your space is tuned.


Create for Longer

Having a tuned room is very important, not just for how the quality of audio is, but your stamina as well. Listening to mid and high frequencies for an extended length of time can fatigue your ears. Fatigued ears will wear you down and compromise your ability to make good audio decisions.

As mentioned above, your well being is important for your acoustic output. Reducing reverberation in the room with tuned acoustics can help you create for longer by eliminating the mid and high frequencies that fatigue your ears.


You'll Sound Better

The main reason to look for room acoustics is to make sure the sound you're recording sounds as professional as possible.

It's not uncommon for new creators to spend thousands on camera gear, only to have their productions come out lousy because the sound is sub-par. Having acoustics in the room, including acoustic lighting in the ceiling to reduce noise, will ensure the audio that is being captured in the room is clean and free of reverberation and echo/slapbacks.


In Conclusion

When it comes to acoustic treatment, you have a lot of options. Just make sure you're always keeping the acoustics in mind as you go.

Lighted acoustic treatment can help with aesthetics, inspiration, reducing fatigue and making your productions sound better. We hope that this guide has been helpful and that you'll consider adding some of these ideas to your studio!

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