Streamer Background Review - Mr. Beast

If you're a streamer, you know that the background setup can be just as crucial as the streamer when it comes to their content. It's not just about matching your brand—it's about creating an environment where viewers can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


That's why we're going to do a deep dive into different streamers' backgrounds, to try to deconstruct and understand what makes them great (and not-so-great).


First up is Mr. Beast, or the "King of Content." From his epic recreation of the Squid Games to his knack for handing out cash to unsuspecting strangers, Mr. Beast has a reputation for deeply understanding what his audience wants and then sparing no expense to deliver.


Since most of Mr. Beast's videos happen on location, we'll have to go to his Beast Reacts channel to get him on set. So for this ranking, we're using his 100 Kids vs 1 Pro video on that channel. He posted this on August 15, 2022.



Color: (5/10)

The color of the background is standard. It looks like giant sound-absorbing panels of black and grey. Two rope lights run across the middle of the panels, one lit with a pinkish-purple hue and the other lit with a blue tint.


The color scheme here could be more creative. However, Mr. Beast is a master content creator, so there is likely some data that shows that a more neutral (read: less colorful) background may do better, especially in the "reacts" genre.



Lighting: (4/10)

It looks like the set is lit with studio lighting. Mr. Beast and his talent are well-lit. 

The back lighting looks like just the two simple rope lights. They don't change colors or run—there is no movement from the light—nothing major is going on.


Objects: (3/10 or 10/10, depending on who you are)

In the video, the talent is standing in front of a briefcase full of money, which ties into the point of the video. In this case, whichever one of Mr. Beast's friends answers the most questions right gets the briefcase full of $10K in cash.


There are no other objects in the background; as we said before, it's a pretty sparse set.


Our ranking of 3/10 is for the plainness of the background. Mr. Beast no doubt understands the value of acoustic panels for better audio quality, but there isn't much going on. However, if you love money, you may love the case of cash behind them.


Busyness: (8/10)

Streamers know that a background that is too busy can take away from the vibe they are trying to create.


In this case, Mr. Beast's background is about as unbusy as it gets. A simple color scheme, sparse lighting, and no objects of interest ensure that you pay attention to the talent, not the background.


Product Placement: (N/A)

Brands will often pay streamers to incorporate products into their space. How well they incorporate this placement is what we usually rank. For example, if the product placement is blatant and out of place, we'll give it a low score. On the other hand, if it is well-placed and fits within the overall vibe, then we'll rank it higher.


There is no product placement in this case, so we can't score it.


Overall (5/10)

Does this background add to the stream or does it detract? In this case, we've given him a score of 5/10 because it's a pretty bland background. However, as we've mentioned before, Mr. Beast is a smart content creator, so he likely deliberately set the space the way he did.


However, keeping the suitcase full of money just visible behind the talent makes it relevant to the video's overall goal, so it plays some role.



Mr. Beast's background in this video is entirely understated and unassuming, yet we are convinced he still took the time to craft the set. While it's a little too plain for our taste, at least it was on point and relevant to the content.

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