AcoustiGlow Set-up Instructions

Congratulations! You just took the next step in your content production journey by treating your room. 

Why does the package say AudiGlow?:

We recently changed the name from AudiGlow to AcoustiGlow to more accurately reflect the function of the product - they are acoustic absorption panels. Rest assured they are the same great product, but you may see the old brand name on packaging and collateral for a time.


Hanging your AcoustiGlow panels:

First, locate the primary panel. This panel has a usb mini plug on one of the sides.

In order to hang the AcoustiGlow panels, pick a point on your wall where you'd like the primary panel to hang. Make sure to take into account where your plug is in the wall; you'll want to hang your primary panel within reach of the cord.

After you've selected the perfect place for your main panel, place the included fasteners into the wall at the appropriate width.

ProTip - in order to ensure that you measure the width of the fasteners correctly, take a single strip of lightweight tape (scotch tape works, but painters tape works best) and place it over the holes. Then, with a marker or other marking utensil, find the holes and make the marks over the holes. Then, peel the tape off, and you now have a perfect template that ensures that when you drill holes or place nails, you're at the right width.

Once you have the first panel hung, you can now add each additional panel to the main panel without any more screws! Simply click and lock the panels together using the magnet terminals. You can create many different shapes and designs. Please note, you will not be able to place an additional AudiGlow panel where the cord is plugged in, so make sure your main panel is at the bottom of your design.

Make sure to wipe off the magnetic connectors and the non-magnetic sides prior to clicking the panels together, as they work best when free of dust and debris.


Turning your AcoustiGlow panels on:

Once you've plugged the panels in, the panels should automatically turn on. You can also use the included remote to turn the panels on and off by pressing the on and off buttons.


Changing colors on the AcoustiGlow panels:

To change colors, click the appropriate color on the remote. If the colors get out of sync, simply click the color button again and all panels should be the same.


To turn on color effects:

The AcoustiGlow panel is equipped to change colors automatically. Simply click one of the buttons on the bottom of the remote to turn on flashing, wave and other color effects.


Auto Turn-off Timer Feature:

To set the AcoustiGlow panels to turn off after a specific time period, simply click the buttons on the top of the remote. The panels have timed increments of 2 hours (2H, 4H and 6H). To turn off the timer, simply press the "Timer Off" button, or turn the panels off and turn them back on again.


Adding or Replacing Panels in Your Design:

To add an additional panel to your design, simply line up the connection-points and click the panel edges together.

To remove a panel, simply grasp the panel and pull it out toward you. The connection should "break", and the panel should be easily removed.

This is recommended vs trying to pull the panels apart, as it helps ensure that no undue stress is created on the design.


Syncing your panels:

When you add additional panels, or you remove a panel and replace it, the panel will likely be out of sync. In order to get the panels back in sync, simply hit the appropriate button on the remote and all panels will come back in sync.

In the event that you don't have a remote, you can unplug the main powered panel and plug it back in, which will reset the panels to the "Strobe" setting.