AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6
AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6
AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6
AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6
AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6
AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6
AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6
AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6
AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6

AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panels - Set of 6

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The AcoustiGlow™ Lighted Acoustic Panel system is the perfect way to treat your creator space or bedroom production studio. Made from a high-quality polyester material that is rated to absorb mid and high-frequency sounds, AcoustiGlow™ panels are lighted to illuminate your room and set the right vibe for you to create content your way. 
  • Patent-pending magnetic panel connectors make changing designs simple
  • Sound-absorbing polyester absorbs mid and high-frequencies
  • The hexagonal design creates a modern and fresh look
  • Sound-absorbing material sits off the wall to create an "air gap" for maximum sound absorption
  • Comes in a set of 6 panels to create sound-absorbing designs on your wall
  • 10 Lighting effects - 7 colors and 3 rotating light settings
  • Controlled through an included remote - no app required





Customer Reviews

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Excellent Customer Support!

Great product! Great company! I’ve purchased 2 sets of acoustiglow panels and recently one of the main panels started to have connection issues…I reach out for support and Sean Scogin was the greatest!

He listened to my issue and finally decided to send me another set due to the main panel having a bad connection.

He went above and beyond what I was expecting. I will definitely be purchasing again as my business grows and I would definitely suggest this company and product to others.

5 out of 5 stars! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Excellent customer service

I got the set of six panels. They were very nice but just didn't work in the space i had in mind. That was really my fault as I didn't plan appropriately. Audiglow made the return effortless with no hassle whatsoever. Kudos!

Ian S.
Just what I needed for my room.

I got these for Christmas as I have been gaming and streaming in my bedroom recently, and having issues with sound quality. I absolutely love them, both for my gaming, and for the general ambiance. These have been the best addition to my room in a long time. They were easy to install and I change them around often to suit my mood.

Great Product

Just what I was looking for in my home office space. They look great and snap right together.

My Panels

I struggled putting them up. However, I'm glad I invested in these panels. Might buy more in the future.

Awesome Product All Around!

Love the quick ambiance that these provide. Great packaging, easy set up…appreciate that hardware is included. Super-strong magnets to keep it all in place and allows for easy reconfig. Multiple sets will really make a great impact and a unique background to my setup!

Definitely improved the overall sound/treatment of my space

They look great right out of the box, and I love the default color fade loop that the LEDs cycle through.

I tried a few groupings/locations on my walls and found that the best-looking was the wall directly behind me that my speakers are pointing at. Since mounting them there I’ve found that I’m not getting as many sound reflections as I used to, and they’ve definitely improved the overall sound/treatment of my space.

While it wasn’t too difficult to mount the first panel on my wall, I wish it came with a template to make drilling the holes easier. Could be as simple as a piece of paper with two circles as far apart as the screws are to make the process even more streamlined. Once the first panel was mounted to my wall, I didn't have to worry about drilling any more holes - all the others just snapped in place! It was incredibly simple (and honestly, pretty fun) to rearrange them to my liking.

Only one of the panels per box has a USB port, making the amount of setups/configurations a bit limited. It would be awesome to have an option to buy packs where at least 2 of the panels have USB ports, so that you could put them in multiple places around your setup (namely 3 panels behind each speaker) and still have the lights.

Instant vibes!

The AudioGlow™ lighted acoustic panels will instantly create a vibe in the studio + treat your room at the same time! It's simply a win-win situation. Being able to change the colors & the way it lights up sparks a sense of creativity & inspiration. Instant vibes!

Magnets makes arranging and rearranging them very easy

I adore these panels! The customization with the use of the magnets makes arranging and rearranging them very easy to do, which allows for a lot of personalization in your studio (The LEDs and options you have with those allow for even more personalization).

The Installation is very straightforward, once you have the main one up, the rest of them all fall into place. I am very pleased with these panels and am already contemplating getting more haha. Incredibly cool product, very impressed!


These look so good!