Create the Perfect Environment to Produce Your Best Content

LED-Lighted Sound Absorption Panels ensure your room is treated both sonically and visually.

Improve Your Sound With Lighted Acoustic Panels

Whether you're writing beats or streaming live, create the right vibe for your productions with AcoustiGlow™ LED-lighted acoustic panels. These sound absorption panels are rated to reduce acoustical resonance while also giving your studio space a stylish vibe that can help you get in the zone when creating.

Magnetic Reconfigurability: Panels Connect with a "Click"

AcoustiGlow™ panels are simply the easiest sound absorption panels to put together, and more importantly, reconfigure. No clips or cables required. Just line the magnetic terminals together, "click" them into place, and they're ready to go.

Want a different design? Just pull the panels off, switch to a different position and you're done. Reposition and redesign until you get the look you want.

Patent-Pending Magnet Technology

Using magnets as terminals, adding panels and changing designs has never been easier. Simply connect additional panels to each other with a click, and watch them light up automatically. Change designs as often as you need for maximum inspiration.

Change Colors With The Included Remote

No app required! Use the included remote (2 AAA batteries required) to change the colors of the panels. Choose from 3 different light shows, or simply set it to one of 7 static colors to get you in the content creation mood. Setting the right vibe is easier than ever.

Real Acoustic Treatment

AcoustiGlow™ sound absorption panels will treat your room for acoustic sound. Hang them in strategic parts of your room to reduce sound reflection and phase interference. The AudiGlow™ panels are made of a high-density polyester that absorbs mid and high frequency sounds.

Trusted by Creators of All Sizes

From Twitch streamers with thousands of followers to music artists with millions of views, they all agree: AcoustiGlow™ is a simple way to treat your room and create a vibe.

Love It or Leave It - Money Back Guarantee

We know you're going to love your AcoustiGlow lighted sound-absorbing panels. But if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days. See the full policy here.

I'm currently creating content in my guest bedroom...I was able to rearrange them into a different pattern. It took two seconds.

Angela A.

AcoustiGlow panels are so easy to install - I finally have the acoustic treatment I need, and it looks great on my stream.

Robert S.

...Installation was very easy and have been impressed with overall quality of the product...I would highly recommend this product.

Matt S.