Streamer Background Review - Ninja

A background is not enough to make or break your stream, but it can impact how much your audience enjoys your content. Your background shouldn't distract viewers from the content on the screen. Otherwise, they may become bored, click away, and never return. We'll be looking at one of the most popular streamers right now: Ninja.

Ninja is one of the major streaming icons, rising in popularity while playing Fortnite. He's fun to watch because he's entertaining and pro-level at the game overall.

For this streaming background review, we pulled down a recent Twitch stream he did on October 26, 2022.

Now, on to the review!

Color (8/10)

Ninja's background is dark and moody, with blue overtones. This blue is seen mainly reflected off the objects he has in the foreground. The color doesn't change; it is static. The blue comes primarily from the lighting; it's hard to tell what color the walls are, though he does have acoustic panels around a TV in the background that appears black.

We like Ninja's background color because it matches the color of his brand. His logo, a stylized icon of a ninja with his trademark wild hair, fits almost perfectly when placed on the background. This color is on brand and executed well.

Lighting (7/10)

Being a streamer for a long time, Ninja has no doubt had time to fine-tune his set. His lighting is no different.

It appears he has taken a pared-down approach, with two front lights on him (as seen reflected on the TV in the background), as well as a single spotlight with a blue hue, as seen in the reflection on his mini fridge. It doesn't appear that he has any other lights on him.

Ninja's lighting is very minimal, but it does look good. It definitely has a vibe, and allows him to pop off the screen when he's on camera. This makes sense, as in most of his streams you see him in a small window while he plays the game.


Objects in the background (7/10)

Following his minimal theme, Ninja doesn't have too much featured in his background, and everything he does have is branded with his logo or likeness.

The main focus area closest to him is his Ninja GFuel minifridge. Then, on top, there is another GFuel product; next to that, he has what looks to be a branded action figure.

Further, in the background, it looks like Ninja has sound absorption panels on the wall in a diamond pattern. In the middle of the diamond pattern, there is a TV that is turned off.

The objects he features in his stream make sense. He is, after all, a brand that is using his stream for hype. But the objects aren't out of place and help give you a clearer picture of the purpose of the stream.,

Busyness (10/10)

In many cases, streamers can have too much going on, which can be distracting for the viewer. Things like flashing lights or moving tchotchkes can pull the viewer's eye away from the main focal point toward non-essential elements.

We think Ninja nailed this aspect. The fact that he has objects in the frame makes the total image look great without being cluttered.

The minimal nature of the objects in the background in no way pulls attention away from Ninja as he streams. On the contrary, they do an excellent job of framing him and directing your attention back to him.

Product Placement (10/10)

While this is a bit of a cheat since the featured products are his licensed products, Ninja does a great job of showcasing associated brands without it feeling out of place or distracting.

Viewers who have followed Ninja for a while know that Red Bull sponsored him, which meant he had a Red Bull fridge where his GFuel fridge is now. The replacement fridge is well-branded without being distracting.

Overall (9/10)

Ninja's background is almost perfect, which is no surprise for one of the highest-paid, most well-known streamers on the planet. With an on-brand, minimal but tasteful background, Ninja continues to grow his fanbase.

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