The World's First lighted sound absorption panels that are made Specifically for Content Creators & Actually make your Audio Sound Better

With AudiGlow™ lighted acoustic panels You'll Be Able To...

Tune your room for acoustics so your audio sounds good

Most creators don't think twice about how their audio sounds. But poor audio can kill the quality of your content. That's why the top recording studios in the world spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on treating their studios for acoustics. Buying acoustic treatment for your bedroom has always been difficult which leads most home content creators to skip it altogether! With AudiGlow™, you'll be able to tune your room for acoustics and make your content's audio sound fantastic!

If you're a vlogger, TikTokker, Youtuber or Twitch Streamer, elevate your background game

If you study the most successful streamers, they all have one thing in common - great background ambiance. That's because they know that visual content is all about keeping things interesting. If you're planning on getting the same old lights that everyone already has, you won't stand out - you'll be relegated to a sea of sameness. AudiGlow™ lighted acoustic panels can help create a pro-level background that can change as easily your streams do.

Get exactly the aesthetic you need

Have you ever purchased a piece of art and put it on your wall, only to be disappointed that it didn't quite fit the picture in your mind? With AudiGlow, you'll be able to configure your panel design to suit your exact vision. And if you change your mind, changing the designs of the panels is as easy as pulling a panel down and moving it to another space. This ensures that you get exactly what you need to inspire you to elevate your content to the next level..

Create an inspiring space that rockets your output to the moon

Most acoustic treatment is ugly and uninspiring. Large rectangles hanging on the wall. Acoustic treatment has always been a hindrance to a creative space, not additive. With AudiGlow, you'll be able to create an inspiring space with acoustic treatment that creates a vibe and helps you get in the content creation zone.

Don't waste time messing with lighting

Other light systems focus on infinite color schemes, complicated light shows and countless other features that you'll never use. Unfortunately, it requires a complicated app, and even requires you to "build your lighting" before it's up on the wall. With AudiGlow, you'll be able to quickly get lighting that sets the right mood for you to crush your content. We've simplified the choices. With 7 solid colors and 3 moving light settings, the lights are bright but not overpowering, and allow you to match the light color to your mood. And with the included remote, you don't need to divert your attention from what you're doing on your phone just to change the color of the lights.